Coastal Cowgirl: The Newest Fashion Trend to Take TikTok By Storm

Coastal cowgirl Fashion Trend

There are many questions that have plagued humanity since the very beginning of our existence. What is the meaning of life? Do humans have free will? What in God’s name is a Coastal Cowgirl?

You heard that right. The “Coastal Cowgirl” look has become a trend that has swept TikTok and all its users off their feet, whether they want it or not. And to address what many foul-minded readers might be thinking, no, it’s a completely safe for work trend. In fact, it’s just a new fashion trend. It’s garnered over 7 billion views on TikTok as of the writing of this article, which isn’t surprising given, well, it’s a fashion trend on TikTok. Unlike most trends, however, it has spread into the outside world once people took a look and said, “Wait a second. That actually looks good.”

It’s been announced as “the fashion trend of the summer”, and it has quite a few variations to its name. You do have to go out of your way to find the hat and boots, however. If you’re outside of the south, you’re unlikely to see them in stores, so it’s best to do some online shopping.


What is Coastal Cowgirl?

Coastal cowgirl boots - Tiktok Trend

It’s not surprising whenever a fashion trend is spawned specifically from social media, given whatever new style an influencer is rocking is going to be catching on one way or another. If you’re fairly fashion forward and you don’t already own a pair of cowboy boots, now is the time to slip them on, because the trend mixes the breezy feel of a walk on the California coast with the boots, buckle, and hats of one of the more popular stereotypes from the south.

Being a southern belle myself, I can tell you that stylish boots and cowboy hats are not uncommon to see, especially from older folk. However, on the coast? Well, it works from time to time depending on who dons the denim.

With Coastal Cowgirl, one thing is certain: you have to have the boots. The boots truly make the shot. Although, I’m not sure how well a pair of boots would hold up when walking in the sand. The colors are usually white, beige, and sometimes blue if you decide to add the denim. Flowing white blouses, crop tops, ripped denim, beige cowboy hat, white/beige cowgirl boots; these are usually what you’ll see, and you can completely see the coastal influence to its look. In fact, since there are many influencers who aren’t brave enough to fully embrace the look, there were several times where I couldn’t figure out how what I was seeing was any different from the regular California coast look until I glanced down and saw the boots, wherein I was like “Oh, there it is.”

There are several ways you can take the look. The most common is the white blouse with denim jeans/shorts, topped off with the iconic boots and hat. A handbag in one hand and their phone in the other in a way that looks both laid back and yet busy at the same time.

coastal cowgril look


Others have decided to go a more “Canadian tux” way with the trend, wearing the full denim, the boots, and topping off their look with a nice neutral jacket.

Some have gone a more sultry way with it. Sticking with the color palette, it usually involves a slip dress with silky fabric topped off with a nice coat. Instead of those high heels you’ll usually see these high class women wearing on their dates, they change it up with beautiful two-tone boots.

While most go for beige to fit with their style, other women have gone for a more black and white aesthetic, white long-sleeve, black high-waisted shorts with the buckle, and powerful black boots to really make your fit shine.

coastal cowgril black boots


One of my favorites is the casual coastal look. High-waisted black jeans, the buckle, a nice comfy sweatshirt, and topping it off with a nice comfortable bomber jacket. You can’t forget the boots. While I wasn’t quite into the black and white aesthetic of the boots in the beginning, I’ve really taken a liking to it after a while. It makes the fit if you’re deciding to not go for the hat.

coastal cowgirl dark boots and black bag


As a southerner, though, I have to appreciate the hats when I see them. Some go for just a wide-brimmed hat that does nothing but accentuate the coastal aspect of the look. A true blue cowgirl hat is what I like to see, and I like observing how fashion forward women make different colors stand out amongst the crowd. I enjoy the women who take the look and truly own it instead of making a few modifications to their Saturday breeze wear.


What’s the Difference Between a Cowgirl and a Coastal Cowgirl?

Cowgirl vs Coastal cowgirl

Whereas our southern girls prefer high-waisted jeans, the cowgirls on the coast will wear dresses with denim jackets or ripped jean shorts. You have to have that beachy essence with a western spin.

Probably the reason you never see a true cowgirl influencing the fashion world is either because they don’t use TikTok period, or their content isn’t catered towards the demographic that would happily spend money to get in on this trend. Most of the cowgirls I see have their content dedicated to everyday life and, occasionally, working on a farm. The amount of people I follow who give daily updates on all the lovable animals they take care of would blow your mind.

Anyhow, cowgirls tend not to mind muck and will happily down a few cheap beers while hanging out near a backyard fire pit. The girls you see buying in on this trend tend to be the exact opposite. They’re all clean and fashion forward with pristine boots and beautifully decorated hats. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the original look, though I do wish more of these influencers really took those differences to the next level and brought that real southern charm to the California coast.

However, if you truly, truly want to know what separates true cowgirls from the California cowgirls, it’s one thing and one thing only: plaid. I’m not talking about a plaid shirt tied around the waist, I’m talking about a true plaid that you own and wear with pride. It’s a southern special that we down here will proudly display on our backs. We all have at least one plaid piece of attire in our closets. You might as well replace the Texas flag with just a plaid button-up with how much we love it. Plaid is synonymous with hipsters, lumberjacks, lesbians, and southerners, and I dare any girl walking the surf to don the colors of a true cowgirl. No more white flowing blouses. You don’t even need to try that hard. Just tie the shirt off at the waist and you’ve got that solid breezy feeling.

I jest for the most part. I do adore the looks some of these girls pull off, and I look forward to seeing how this trend develops before the winter comes along. Though, that does bring up a few of my gripes when coming to a close with this trend.


Final Thoughts

I like this trend, I really do. Though, as someone with limited closet space and likes to reuse and recycle my clothes to match different fits, I have my fair share of side eye glances towards this fashion staple of the summer. My criticisms of fashion trends usually comes from analyzing a few questions: how long will it last, is it expensive, and can you reuse the clothes?

Obviously this trend will die out come the winter, and I doubt it will make a resurgence. Like with many fashion trends on TikTok, as soon as it stops pulling in the views, it’s practically dead. You’ll probably see quite a few girls dropping the hats and boots in favor of something else that is fashionable for the winter.

Is it expensive? Maybe. Unless you’re vying for boots made of real leather or snakeskin, you’ll be fine.

Can you reuse the clothes, though? Many of the shirts, dresses, shorts, and coats can easily be recycled into other fashionable fits, you’re going to have a hard time keeping the boots and the hat once Coastal Cowgirl goes out of style. I imagine those will be left in the back of the closet somewhere, never to be worn again after making its debut in the fashion world in one summer.

Coastal Cowgirl is the definition of a fashion trend: something you wear while it’s in style, but once it fades out within a few months, you’re unlikely to ever don it again. It’s still very nice to look at, so if you think you’ll be comfortable in the style, give it a go. Though, you might have to order the items online if you’re outside of the south.