Hailey Bieber and BLACKPINK’s Rosé Both Get in on the Mocha Monochrome Trend This Fall

Mocha Monochrome Trend

Mocha is the new color trend this fall, and everyone’s getting in on it, it seems. Not ones to miss out on fall fashion trends, BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Hailey Bieber have both come in to make their mark by getting in on the Mocha Monochrome trend. They’ve both recently been seen flaunting their all-brown fashion wear, and we are absolutely loving it!

First up is BLACKPINK’s Rosé, who came out first with her mocha look. She came out to New York City for the luggage brand Rimowa’s new “Seit 1898” 125th anniversary event. When she stepped out in a monochrome mocha outfit that was just perfect for the fall season.

Rosé donned a sparkly mocha halter top and matching sheer tights, so close in color that it actually almost seemed like a jumpsuit. No one could really know for sure due to the beautiful matching A-line mini skirt she had layered over the look. Along with her platform heels from Giuseppe Zanotti, her makeup really made the look pop. She kept her eye makeup a surprisingly neutral palette, all so she could make her cheeks stand out with blush and her lips really pop with a soft pink lipstick. It technically does break the mocha monochrome she had going on, but she absolutely makes it work. Her nails were also fairly normal with just a plain white for her manicure, and she opted out of all jewelry save for a couple silver rings. It goes to show you don’t need extravagant accessories and makeup to really make yourself stand out. Sometimes the simpler looks are truly the ones that stand out the most, and Rosé made that fact known with her eye-catching look at the event.

Rosé wasn’t the only one rocking this look, of course, because soon Hailey Bieber came in with a look over her very own.

Hailey Bieber will never skip out on a popular fashion trend, especially ones inspired by food. Just last summer, she popularized the “glazed donut manicure” with her nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, and even gave the look a twist with cherry nails. Then, this year, she officially declared it to be “strawberry girl summer” with her freckled, flushed look. She even took it a step further and collaborated her makeup brand, rhode, with donut brand Krispy Kreme to create a strawberry-flavored Peptide Lip Treatment. So it’s safe to say that she’s on top of things when it comes to beauty and fashion trends.

This fall Hailey Bieber is hopping on the Mocha Monochrome trend. The model was seen during the spring-summer 2024 season of Paris Fashion Week sporting lovely shades of brown all around. She was pictured in a scoop-neck bodycon dress, pointed-toe heels, and tights, all keeping with that monochrome brown theme we’ve been obsessing over. She kept it simple with a couple of rings, an anklet, and some hoop earrings. For her hair, she tied it up, only allowing a few strands to fall free and frame her face. All the while, her nails were given that deep mocha hue with a cute turtle shell pattern. Her makeup was in line with the trend as well, going for golden brown around the eyes instead of her traditional smokey look, as well as a latte-colored gloss. I have a hunch it might just be one of the new Peptide Lip Tints just launched by rhode in the shade “Espresso”. Needless to say, she looked absolutely stunning.

Mocha monochrome is a beauty trend that has clearly made its mark on 2023, and it definitely had an impact on our fall fashion outlook this year!