Signals a Relationship is a Go

better relationship

There is no denying that relationships can be hard. But if you invest too much time in looking at all the red flags, you may fail to see all the green flags that signal the relationship is a go. Realizing that every person is not good all the time and that flaws will occur, can help everyone in their relationships. This will lead to one not only being comfortable around the one they love but also feeling good about it.

You may question why a person would look for red flags when things are going well. For many, it is a way to avoid investing too much in a relationship because they have been hurt before. Others may reject them. Finding green signals in a relationship can make you feel better about where the relationship is headed. Here are some green lights you should be on the lookout for so you know the relationship is safe to proceed with.


The Other Party Wants to Know You

If there are people in your life that want to get to know you better, a green light has formed. These individuals want to delve deep to find out all they can about you. They take the time to find out what your goals and aspirations are. They understand what scares you, what makes you sad or happy, or what excites you. These people know what you value, if you have a life philosophy, and what things you want in life.

There are a few reasons why this green light is so important. First, it shows you if you are compatible with that person enough to make the relationship last long-term. And second, you will be able to see if that individual will be able to help you grow as you bond over common ground.


Feeling Safe With The Individual

A second signal the relationship is a go is that you feel safe with the other person. It is totally necessary to surround yourself with people that will be there to support and comfort you in any tough times.

When you have a relationship with someone, they should never have a problem with you calling on them to support them. Lean on them when needed to overcome any hurdles you may encounter.


Speak Freely About Your Dreams

Everyone needs a person in their life that will let them talk about their dreams free of judgment. If you feel you are not able to talk to them about your dreams, or if you are able to but the person deters you from what you really want, a red light should go off. People that say you are not capable of making such a dream come true may be jealous of you.


Difficult Conversations

(1)One green flag that you will want to look for is having difficult conversations with the other person.  Being in a healthy relationship will allow you to have any and all conversations- even if they are hard to talk about. When these conversations are had, it allows each person to build empathy and work on solutions that wind up making the relationship stronger.


They Educate You

If you find a significant other that wants to help share what they know, keep them in your life! This is a treasure that can be everlasting.


Respecting Other Relationships

While you may find others are not your cup of tea, you should respect the relationships that those in your life have with others. No matter what time they spend with these individuals, it will never take away the bond that you have with them.



(1)While many individuals shy away from expressing their emotions, this is a green flag that can not be ignored. When you are able to express yourself and show raw emotions, you can make deeper connections with the other person.


Active Listening

(2)Active listening is needed in any relationship you have. When a person is able to listen to what the other person has to say, it shows that if there is conflict, that person will do their best to try and understand where you are coming from.


They Admit Their Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.  While some people have a hard time owning up to theirs, a key green flag in relationships is doing just that. Once a person admits they are wrong, they can accept responsibility for their actions, and make plans to try and change.